Jimatour - Aktivní pobyty - Horolezectví a slaňování

Rockclimbing and abseiling

We offer several destinations, where you can try these popular activities. Among them there is rock right in Spindler´s Mill. It is suitable for more experienced climbers, as well as beginners. Almost anyone will be able to make the ascent.

Horolezectví Horolezectví

Not far from that rock there is Labská dam. Abseiling its barrier, rising to 35 m in height, offers a really exciting experince. We provide all climbing equipment (ropes, helmets, harness, chest harness, all made by Singingrock) for absolute safety of our clients.

Slaňování Slaňování Slaňování

Beside it, you can spread your climbing experience and skills in the rock area Strážné, which is situated some 25 km from Spindler´s Mill. You will find here a lot of various climbing routes, for advanced and beginners. Put the two together and link the activities with a cykle-trip and have a day full of excitement.