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There are several variations available.

Rafting on a canal

Rafting on a 500 m long canal is among the most popular variants. Wild water will test your abilities and make you realize why thousands of people worldwide are keen on rafting.

Rafting Rafting

We provide all the necessary equipment (wetsuit, shoes, helmets, safety vest). Our guides accompany every boat and crew.

Rafting on a river

For this purpose we use the river Jizera, which flows through the area Český ráj (Czech Paradise). This pleasant voyage offers enchanting views and the opportunity to indulge in water sports, prepared by our guides. The length of the trip is usually no more than 90 minutes.


The voyage on the river Labe leads from the town of Dvůr Králové to Kuks. Kuks is well known for its beautiful chateau built in the baroque style. The section of the river, on which our voyage takes place, is calm. We provide steady, reliable canoes as well as other equipment.

Kánoe Kánoe Kánoe

The length of thr trip is usually about 2 hours.